Welcome to STEAKHOUSE EL TORO, restaurant in Belgrade

If you wish to relax in a pleasant atmosphere and enjoy top quality specialties of international cuisine and great service, then STEAKHOUSE EL TORO, the only steakhouse restaurant in Belgrade, is the right choice for you.

The pleasant ambience, service and menu of this international cuisine restaurant in Belgrade, with a focus on steak and wine, will satisfy guests who have high standards and expectations.
We are proud of the fact that with our knowledge, skill and service we have gained fame and recognition in Belgrade in a short period of time, and are known for our wide variety of quality beefsteak, T-bone steak, risotto, pasta, salads and delicious desserts. Our aim is to provide the best to our guests. We prepare all dishes with the freshest of ingredients, without artificial flavorings and substitutes. We offer a wide choice of domestic and foreign wines, as carefully selected wine that compliments a dish increases the harmony of taste.

Steakhouse El Toro is completely transparent, from the summer and winter gardens with mobile roofs, to walls which can be shifted and opened, two halls for guests, all the way to the kitchen which can be viewed from all sides by the guests and passersby outside. Our kitchen could be called a unique performance where the main role is played by our chefs, artists in their field. Our restaurant is one of the few in Belgrade where guests can view the kitchen at any time and be certain of the hygienic preparation of food, which is our priority.

The capacity of this restaurant housed in an unusually shaped, curving interior is 85 guests. There is a large parking area across the restaurant. The restaurant is also equipped with wireless internet.

Steakhouse El Toro is the right place for hedonists, for as they say, a well prepared and well served beefsteak with good wine is the perfection of pleasure.

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